I knew when I decided to sign up for a marathon that it was a huge commitment. Weekends wiped out by long runs. A tee-total social life. Wait, what social life? I just committed my weekends to preparing and running long runs! Maybe also a financial commitment – the Physio on speed dial and new trainers. But the one thing I hadn’t reckoned on was the hours of sorting through training programs, reading helpful (and not so) articles about marathon preparation and trying to plot in my other life – you know, the one with kids, a husband and a business?

Just when I think I’ve got this running thing in the bag, little things pop up in my newsfeed to remind me that I am still very wet behind the ears.

‘Yes you can train for a marathon with ONLY 3 days running a week’.

Wait. Am I supposed to run more than 3 times a week? I cross off ‘housework’ from my weekly planner.

Then there are plans for the type of runner you are. Sometimes I’m a novice (recently started running) sometimes I’m an intermediate (already completed a half marathon) and sometimes I’m just not meant to be there (always consult your doctor before embarking on a training program if you are overweight…)

And then there is the cross training. Do something different each time. Concentrate on swimming and cycling. Strength train with weights. Utilise Yoga and Pilates. You do realize that I wont have time to shower with all this, right?

And talking to other friends who have already logged their miles on the marathon journey is just as confusing. So far, five different running friends have sent me five different running plans. You would think it fairly straightforward – run regularly to increase your distance over a sensible amount of time up to marathon distance. But that is about all the different plans had in common! Some had me running SIX days a week (sleep optional) some with back to back runs (resting is for wimps) and some needed a degree in advanced maths to decipher the pacing.

So I have plumped for a hybrid, tweaked plan. All good, The Gym down the road has just started Pilates classes and TRX. What’s TRX? Hanging off bits of very strong (I hope) webbed lines attached to the ceiling which utilize your body weight for exercise’s aimed at core strength and all over muscle. Using my body weight I will either give myself a hernia or be a contender for all-in wrestling. But I will give it a go.

But the icing on the cross training cake? Greek dancing. Yes I have signed up to give Zorba a run for his money with an ankle slapping, hankie flourishing ‘Oopah’!

Can’t be harder than tying myself in Pilates knots or TRX lines. Can it?


At least the running is easy with this gorgeous weather!
At least the running is easy with this gorgeous weather!