It’s March!

I love March. It means that spring is here and that can only mean one thing. That summer is just around the corner!

March in Greece starts with the traditional making of the ‘Marti’ bracelets. Here in Rhodes this is a simple affair of red and white embroidery threads being twisted together and tied around the wrists of our children to protect them from the glare of spring sunshine. I’m not sure what the actual SPF is, but the colours reflect rosy cheeks on pale winter faces. The word ‘Marti’ comes from the Greek word for March (Martio). My teenagers are too cool for Marti’s now, but this is my friend’s cutie showing off hers:

Angel's marti
Angeliki showing off her ‘Marti’ bracelet

We wear the bracelets until Easter Saturday when they get thrown in to the big bonfire outside the church. The bonfire is lit with the eternal flame and this ritual symbolises a casting off of sins and a new beginning. It can also cause cinged eyebrows if you get too close.

The almond tree’s are the first to blossom and signal that spring is waking up. They are joy to behold amoung the silvery green of the olive groves.


I’m off to dig out my flip flop’s. And my suncream.