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I love travelling, taking photographs and interrogating, i mean talking to, people.

Dancing to your death

My chest tightens and I try to take a deep breath. I pull over to the side of the road, and through my tears, try to catch another glimpse of the great white monument on top of the hill that has caught me so unawares. Although it’s a modern design, it is unmistakably the shape of people, women, holding hands and getting smaller and smaller as they disappear over the edge of a 30 meter drop. Continue reading “Dancing to your death”

Greek island tails…

If it’s true you never get a second chance to make a first impression, then Halki has nothing to worry about. As the boat approaches the island you are welcomed into a harbour, shaped like an embrace.  A welcome hug from a relative you never knew you had. The faces of colourful neoclassical houses are warm and pretty. The little harbor IS Halki and its beautiful in the fuzzy-feeling way only a pretty Greek island can be. The houses are arranged around the harbor and tumble down right to the waters edge. And that is right where we are going too. Continue reading “Greek island tails…”

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