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Feeling the fear…(Part 2)

I thought I had a sleepless night, but I am recalling some weird dreams. One involved my mum holding a glass of wine for me with a straw in it. ‘I told you not to over do it’ she says. Obviously the paralysis from my leg has spread to my arms too.

The weird feeling in my bum and leg is still there. This has completely taken over from the fear about my lower legs.   I have to face this and deal with it. I call the physiotherapist. They have an appointment today or tomorrow. I can’t get it together to get there today. I take tomorrows appointment reluctantly. I want this over with, I just need to have my self diagnosis confirmed. I tearfully push my trolley round the supermarket. I’ve done something. Irreversibly damaged myself by this ridiculous notion that I could possibly run 21 kilometres. I’ve brought this on myself. Continue reading “Feeling the fear…(Part 2)”


Pah! That’s easy. Is my reaction to my first challenge as a ‘Too fat to run’ blogger. I have to schedule 3 days in this first week of September to:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.31.59

Oh. Well, this doesn’t really apply to me as I am in week 7 of a 12 week half marathon training (puffs out chest, looks smug). So what do I do? Continue reading “Rebooting…”

Where does the fat go?

There is something that’s been baffling me for a while now. When I start out on my run, my fat bits jiggle. Especially the two lumps above my bum cheeks, just under my lower back. After a couple of minutes I forget about it. At some point later into the run I invariably become body (or rather fat) aware again. I put my hands on my hips and my ‘bread rolls’ seem smoother and less like actual hot dog buns resting there. This reminds me of my other fat store, the aforementioned bum jiggling. Its not jiggling anymore, in fact its quite firm.

So what the dickens is that all about then? Does the fat melt like butter and distribute itself elsewhere, only to reform later and solidify once again? I tried to catch it out once. I felt up other parts of my body and down my legs to see if it had spread itself somewhere else. A man going past in his car slowed down and asked me if I was alright. ‘Yes, fine thanks! Just looking for my fat.’ I didn’t say.

I tried another scientific approach to get some answers. I googled it. Nothing. Nobody knows! How can there be a whole scientific community out there dedicated to studying how our bodies work in sport and yet there’s not one reference to it on the internet?

Or am I the only person this happens to? Or the only one that’s noticed it?

I’m going to sit back now and wait for some eminent medical sports boff to contact me to discuss this phenomenon. I just checked my hips for those hot dog buns. They’re back.


Are you an overweight runner? Does this happen to you to?!  Do you know where the fat goes?

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